Spare Parts

When requesting a quotation or placing a spare part order, please give us the following information:

  • The five or six-digit IMS part number found on the item, its packaging, or in the parts list of the gauge documentation.
  • Your gauge number, found on the gauge, or in the gauge documentation.
  • Your reference or purchase order number.

We will process your inquiry/order as quickly as possible.

Upon receipt of your shipment, please examine the goods at once. In case of transport damage, please immediately file a claim with the freight forwarder, and inform us of all related activities. If the order is incomplete, please notify us immediately. Notifications received later than 10 days after delivery cannot be honored.

Repair Parts Orders

Following are the terms and conditions under which IMS will accept parts for repair:

Please notify IMS via phone or Email, indicating which part(s) you wish to send for repair, and provide the part number, gauge number, how long the part has been in operation, and a description of the malfunction. Please fill out and enclose the repair request with the part.

Repair Request Form

Cliff Armstrong, Logistics Coordinator
Martina Matthews
Office Manager
724.772.9772 General Contact
Karen Krautbauer
Administrative Supervisor for Spares & Repairs
724.772.9772 General Contact