Achieving Excellence in Everything We Do

IMS is serious about quality in all aspects of its operations. IMS Messsysteme GmbH has earned ISO 9001 certification and purchases components and materials only from suppliers who have ISO and other relevant certifications as part of their quality management programs.

The measuring systems that IMS Systems, Inc. manufactures comply with a strict set of quality standards, which the company has developed and continually modifies to reflect best practices.

Helping Customers Optimize Product Quality

The IMS MEVInet-Q quality management system enables customers to:

  • Document, archive & analyze production data
  • Keep accurate records of equipment maintenance & service
  • Build repeatability into their manufacturing processes

“Our commitment to quality also reflects deep concerns for worker safety and the environment. As a result, we often go beyond the letter of the law to make certain that our manufacturing and service activities are as safe and efficient as technology allows.”
“Whether in our facilities or those of our customers, a commitment to quality is always at the center of our engineering, manufacturing and service activities.”