A World of Firsts in Measuring Technology

Leading the Way in X-Ray, Isotope & Optical Solutions

For more than 30 years, IMS has been setting the standards for precision measurement of length, width, thickness, flatness, coating weight and cross profile of ferrous and non-ferrous strip and plate.

Although much has changed since we started in Heiligenhaus, Germany, near Düsseldorf, our ongoing commitment to helping customers optimize accuracy and speed remains the same.

To find out what has made us an industry leader, and why you should be part of our future, here is a brief history of how we have taken measurement technology to a new dimension.



IMS was founded (1980). Company developed microprocessor technology (1981) and optical width measuring system (1983).


1st Generation Multi-Channel Profile Measurement

Brought Gamma-ray and monoscopic measurement to flat products market.


2nd Generation Multi-Channel Profile Measurement

Brought second generation of Gamma-ray and stereoscopic measurement to flat products market.



Tube Thickness & Geometry

High-performance measuring system for continuous, non- contact detection of tube thickness and geometry, contour and position.


3rd Generation Multi-Channel Profile Measurement

X-ray multi-channel profile measurement systems.


Modern X-ray Systems

Also began use of high-voltage generators and achieved Quality Management certification.


Edge Drop Measurement System

Launching of high-resolution, X-ray multi-functional measuring system to determine edge drop, wedge and strip thickness, and cross profile.


Automatic Data Collection System

Metals producers begin using MEVInet scalable software and hardware for recording, evaluating and visualizing measurement data via network connection.

2000 to Present


IMS Systems, Inc.

Opening of first IMS subsidiary in Wexford, PA.

IMS X-Ray Systems GmbH

IMS Röntgensysteme GmbH formed.


Strip Flatness Measuring System

IMS introduces TopPlan optical strip flatness measuring system for 3-D non-contact flatness measurement.


Optical Coating Measurement System

IMS launches IMSpect optical coating measurement system for non-contact measuring of coating thickness.


North American Headquarters Dedication

IMS Systems moves into new building in Mars, PA, near Pittsburgh.

Advanced X-Ray Technology

IMS introduces X-ray technology up to 450kv integrated with compact construction.

Automatic Internal Defect Detection (IDD) Technology

The company begins to provide customers with solutions for non-contact ultrasonic inspection of strip (IDD) that automatically detects internal and surface flaws.


Digital X-Ray Control System

Combined a high-voltage generator with an x-ray controller, eliminating the need for remote x-ray controller hardware.

IMS launches MEVInet-Q2

Expansion of plant-wide data collection and quality control system..


Gauge Training & Repair Course

IMS Systems initiates gauge training & repair course in Mars, PA.

Establishment of IMS South

Service presence near Mobile, AL, improves technical assistance capabilities while shortening commissioning cycles and spare parts delivery time.


Surcon GmbH

Surcon GmbH, a joint venture of SMS-Siemag AG in Hilchenbach and Düsseldorf, Germany, and IMS Messsysteme in Heiligenhaus, Germany, is formed. Surcon, (surface control) is the world’s only manufacturer of 2D and 3D systems for inspection of slab and strip in hot and cold rolling applications.

Groundbreaking of North American Production Facility

IMS begins construction of 9,500 square-foot manufacturing facility, next to its North American Headquarters Building. It will be the company’s first production facility outside of Germany.


XR Thickness Gauge

IMS Systems, Inc. begins production of the XR Gauge — a re-engineered, compact, affordable and modular solution that measures strip thickness in cold processing environments and service centers.


IMS-CCS Width Gauge

IMS develops a compact Camera Cluster System (CCS) Gauge — the IMS-CCS — for measuring strip width, edge crack and hole defects in cold processing environments and on slitting lines.