Measurements That Set the Standard
for Precision

IMS was founded in 1980 in Heiligenhaus, Germany, near Düsseldorf. The company established a U.S. presence in 2000 to take advantage of market opportunities throughout the United States and Canada.

IMS is a leading manufacturer of non-contact x-ray, isotope and optical measuring systems that gauge the length, width, thickness and other dimensions of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The company operates a sales, service, and production facility at its North American headquarters in Mars, PA, near Pittsburgh. IMS also offers gauge training and repair courses at that location. The company’s Southeastern Service Center, near Mobile, AL, helps customers operate and maintain their gauges in ways that optimize accuracy and productivity.

Our North American Manufacturing Facility opened in early 2013. The $3.5 million, 9,500 square-foot facility is located next to our North American Headquarters Building in Mars, PA, near Pittsburgh.